I design, build and repair boats and notice customers always have pretty much the same problems. So, I created this web-page to help with the decision making when buying and maintaining a boat!

launch wheels

I get asked many times, to do boat surveys! I do not do marine surveys! Naturally, inspect problems, etc. When purchasing a boat I recommend an accredited Marine Surveyor!

We are mobile!

In todays market, costs for shore space are expensive, especially in the city. If the machinery and tools are mobile, one can take advantage of lower cost repair locations!When repainting the boat, hull modifications. Extra precautions need to be taken, due to the toxic nature of the material and quality control. To control this, a bubble is built around the boat, even in a boat yard. We can build the bubble in an expensive shipyard or in any other location, that is more cost effective. The traditional way of thinking about marine repair, forget about it!

When planning a refit, the cost of location becomes important!

For technical work, machine repair modifications we have shop space!

For example pressing in new impeller sleeve and removal of damaged impeller!

One of the tools helpful is liquid nitrogen when working with large machine parts! It is nothing unusal to build specialized tools for boat repairs and machinery repairs!

For information email- roland@tolandevelopment.ca