I will explain it as if one would have stake holders (relevant participants)involved.

Put the topic out their in this case written, can be a note or or just blank piece of paper.

Important do not structure or worry about order. List all relevant parameters and or ideas relevant to the topic.

WH5 is a analytical approach. Lets start with table material. Start Questioning it! Formulate a question

What material is the table to be made of?

How are we going to machine the material?

Where will the table be used?

When is the material to be applied or used.

Why did we choose this material?

When questioning do not worry about order or even if it makes sense to come up with this question at the moment. The hard work starts now go through each question and answer it! Write the answers down. Lets start!

For material chose Red Oak

Why did we choose the material cost effective and readily available long wearing!

The material will be machined with table saw,planer and sander, for readily available!

The Red Oak will need finish applied after machining!

The table will be used lobby entrance public place


These answers are now being changed to questions again. First iteration is complete!we move on to step two.